Final checks before Demo 2

Demo 2 is on the cusp of release and is more Risk System than ever!

Extraneous elements have been removed in order to keep the focus on nimble piloting and decision making. There is now one primary weapon that changes functionality based on how much energy is in the P-Meter, whether or not the player is currently buzzing/absorbing energy from enemy fire and how it is the player is moving. This change was implemented because of the number of players that never used the special weapons for fear of depleting energy and needing it in the future and to emphasize the importance of movement in offense. It is now always in the players best interest to buzz enemy shots and to fire at enemies while doing so as the P-Meter will fill up even while firing if buzzing an enemy shot.

To facilitate more daredevil piloting, Barrel Rolls have been added which allow the player to fly more quickly vertically utilizing a short and instantaneous burst of speed. Not only do the Barrel Rolls allow players more mobility options, they are also highly effective offensive maneuvers as the RSK9's firing rate doubles for the duration of a Barrel Roll. This means pilots looking to deal the most damage quickly and efficiently will do so by finding and making as many opportunities to perform stunts as possible. By tying the the best offensive options to movement the game stays kinetic and doesn't fall into the trap of parking the ship in a safe zone and brainlessly pelting the enemy with fire from a position of little risk or emotional investment. Granted, people can always find a boring way to play a game but Risk System incentivizes  players of different motivations to play the game in the most fun way.

Want to stay alive and recover health? Perform Risk Shots to replenish your shields.

Want to bank a safety net in case you find yourself surrounded by incoming fire with no way out? Charge up a Cascade that grants temporary
invincibility, which can be charged fastest by buzzing as much enemy fire as possible.
Want to speed run or go for the highest possible score? Destroy enemies quickly by utilizing all the riskiest mechanics together.

The goal is to get people to break out of the timidness conditioned into them by so many previous games, shmups and otherwise. By early impressions and feedback, this seems to be working for most players and more so than any of the previous versions.

Outside of the major mechanical upgrade, more elements from the final game have been implemented as well such as enemies in the background that can only be destroyed by use of the Cascade, tandem enemy types and the ability to customize the controller layout via a configuration menu.

Once I have confirmation that the custom controller set up is working and not presenting problems on other peoples computers, the new demo will be put up for download.

Chris E.


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