Big updates and new demo soon!

Risk System has seen major improvements in the last two months,  so many in fact that the currently available demo barely scratches what the game has become. 

The Risk mechanics have been completely streamlined, firing costs nothing and high powered Risk Shots occur when absorbing energy from enemy fire while shooting. The energy that fills the B-Meter powers the Barrier Breaker (formerly known as Cascade), this weapon hits all targets on screen or in the distance and deals high damage. The RSK9 also now transforms when the Barrier Breaker is ready for use to help quickly inform the player of what is at their disposal. 

Brand new enemy types and bosses have been created as well as the entirety of the second mission. Previous enemies also have improved behaviors and elements in mission one have been substantially remixed and overhauled. 

New quality of life features like the ability to pause and checkpoints have also been added so no longer will defeat at the hands of a boss require the player to start from the beginning of the mission.

The hope is to get testing done and voice acting recorded in the coming weeks before releasing the new version.


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