Great feedback and updates

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded and played the demo. I also appreciate the feedback given.

It was observed at Geek Kon 2017 that a fair number of people that tried the demo played the game in a very timid manner and either never reached the first boss or didn't manage to defeat her. Though other players were able to adapt and played the game by taking risks and being on the offensive, it was design choices I made that allowed for what I would consider less engaging choices to be made; thus some players made these choices. 

After taking in feedback and observations I've made some pretty major changes to the game. These changes more directly push the player in the direction of playing risky and seizing opportunities and remove barriers to engaging with the game and the core mechanic. These changes do not exist in the currently uploaded demo but will be in the very near future.

Changes include:
-No more P-meter consumption tied to weapon use.
-Each weapon type has varying power levels based on the amount of power in your P-meter and risks taken.
-P-meter is constantly draining when not flying near enemy fire and absorbing energy.
-There is now a Cascade meter (C-meter)that charges over time, the C-meter will charge faster if the player maxes out their P-meter and continues to draw in energy.

An amusing glitch was also discovered that I nearly considered keeping as a feature that will need to be addressed before the new build is uploaded. Graphical changes will also be present in the new build along with a more complete soundscape.

Expect an updated Mission 1 demo to be available on or before September 8th.


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